1. I've called this meeting to talk about our new sales plan.

2. And I'll be making a presentation about the company's new rules.

3. We need more time to think about this.

4. Does anyone have any questions or comments?

5. What time is this meeting supposed to be over?

6. Soon, I hope. I have a lot of other work to do.

1. 我召開這個會議,是要討論我們新的業務計畫。

2. 而我將就公司的新規定做個簡報。

3. 我們需要更多時間討論這件事。

4. 任何人有疑問或意見嗎?

5. 這場會議什麼時候才結束啊?

6. 就快了,我希望是這樣。我還有好多其他的事要做。


comment n. 評論;意見


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